Earn money for healthcare while you shop.

Supplemental Savings for Healthcare

MedCASH (Community Action for Social Healthcare) is a healthcare funding and payment vehicle designed to generate savings resulting from everyday consumer purchases. The savings are accumulated exclusively to pay for your healthcare and wellness expenses, independent of insurance, government programs or your employment status. 

Anyone Can Join MedCASH

MedCASH membership is free and available to all consumers. MedCASH never expires and there is no cap on earnings. Join today, shop at your favorite retail establishments, and begin earning supplemental savings for your healthcare needs.


How It Works

Members sign up for an account on the website and register one or more email addresses that are used to track purchases at any of our retail partners. Members are able to search for retailers within our partnership network and view their MedCASH rewards account balances.  Payments will be made from the member's MedCASH account directly to the healthcare provider.


By shopping within MedCASH’s network of retail partners, members earn back a percentage of their spending as contributions from those retailers. These contributions are deposited directly into a MedCASH savings account, which the member can access to help cover the costs of healthcare-related products or services. Examples include doctor visits, dentists, prescriptions, acupuncture, vision care, chiropractic, lab expenses, x-rays or certain pharmacy purchases among others. 

MedCASH helps you pay for healthcare expenses by giving you a supplemental source of funds. Through loyalty marketing, MedCASH partners with companies that have both online and brick & mortar outlets to collectively provide financial solutions to fund healthcare for MedCASH members. MedCASH was founded on the premise that we are a society without adequate healthcare protection.


Working together as a community of retailers, consumers, healthcare providers and benefactors enables us to ease the burden of our healthcare expenses. Wireless technology provides the common thread to connect our community on this mission.


Sign up today to start earning MedCASH the very next time you shop!